VIEW OK Rain Repellent Coat for Car Windows Windshield Self-Cleaning

  • [SiO2 NANO TECH] Unlike silicon oil based rain-repellent coat, VIEW OK’s fluorinated silane based ceramic nano coat forms a strong chemical bond deep into glass.
  • [WORKS at LOW SPEED] Bead up and roll off at 30 ~ 50 mph speed. Car washing helps  bead-up speed lower.
  • [LONG LASTING] Last up to 6~12 month with single application, depending on weather condition and surface cleanliness before application  
  • [EASY & QUICK APPLICATION] 5 minutes wait after coat with applicator and wipe off with  dry microfiber. If there’s mark on glass, simply coat it with the wet applicator and wipe off with the dry microfiber immediately. No worry about hardened mark.
  • [EASIER FROST & DIRT REMOVALDE-ICING] Very low surface energy helps to remove frost, ice and dirt faster and easier
  • [NO MARK AND DAMAGE ON GLASS] Without silicon oil which could result to haziness and oxidation on glass.
  • Per 1 spray, you can coat around 6in2 (=15.3cm2) area. For shower door of 4yd2(=3.66m2), you can coat it for 3~4 times with 100ml(3.38fl.oz.)
  • 100ml/3.38fl.oz.
  • Microfiber as an applicator enclosed