💎 ANTI-FOG LENS CLEANER: View OK has developed a high-quality Anti-fog Cleaning Cloth designed specifically for Hydrophobic Lenses to prevent fogging on the lens surface. This microfiber cloth is made of 80% Polyester and 20% Nylon and is available in either Gray or light blue color options. The cloth measures 15 cm x 18 cm in size. 

💎 PRECISION MEETS CLARITY: We manufacture our premium anti-fog microfiber cloth with a significant amount of costly raw materials, which we infuse into the microfiber to create a coating with low surface tension. We follow strict quality control measures to ensure that our product is of the highest quality. This cloth is suitable for use with hydrophobic lenses, HMC lenses, and lenses without any coating. 

💎 REUSABLE, LONG-LASTING: Our anti-fog eyeglass cleaning cloth is highly adaptable and can be used in various ways. It remains effective for a duration of 4-8 hours and can be used up to 200 times if used as instructed. Nevertheless, the degree of effectiveness may differ based on the frequency of use and the environmental conditions. 

💎 MULTI-PURPOSE: Our lens cleaning wipes are designed to stop your lenses from fogging up when you wear a face mask, even when you are engaging in activities such as exercising, sports, skiing, cycling, or consuming hot beverages like soup, tea, or coffee. These wipes are gentle and won't scratch your lenses, leave no streaks, and effectively remove dirt and oil. They also do not contain nano-silicate. 

💎 DIRECTIONS TO USE: To use the "View OK" Anti-Fog Cloth, start by cleaning your lenses as you normally would with a regular cleaning cloth. Make sure to thoroughly wash and dry the lenses before using the "View OK" cloth. Then, rub the cloth over the entire surface of the lens to ensure that the product is evenly applied. For best results, it's recommended to store the cloth in its original packaging to extend its effectiveness.


Proven anti-fog performance

  • Are you looking for anti-fog products for eyeglasses to work when wearing a mask, when entering warm places from cold outdoors, and when cooking hot stuff? We provide anti-fog cloth to more than 10 countries via our brand VIEW OK and the ODM/OEM order, and our product has been proven.
  • We are sure that VIEW OK STANDARD anti-fog cloth is better than anything else.


  • A simple breathing test cannot judge anti-fog performance, and continuous fogging testing is necessary for a reliable evaluation. Our anti-fog cloth protects your glasses against fogging even in extreme conditions, like high humidity or wide temperature swings.


  • Opticians or optometrists are most concerned about the risk of AR coating peeling off or scratching on expensive glasses while selling relatively low-cost anti-fog products. Also, because they deal with customers one-to-one, they don't want to lose their credibility by selling products that do not perform well. Because our products are free from these problems, it is the most preferred brand by Korean opticians.
  • We want to get the same level of trust from customers in North America as we have in Korea.