VIEW OK Stain Guard Coat for Shower Door
Self-Cleaning with Water Spray Only, No Rubbing / Durable for 1~3 month with 1 time coat / Over 6 month use with 100ml for 4yd2 / Protecting Shower Door from Hard Water Stains and Soap Scum / Multi use for Shower Door, Shower Booth, Mirror, Tile, Faucet, Tap
  • [TRUE SELF-CLEANING by SUPER HYDROPHILIC TECH] Unlike the water-repellent coated surface, which is inconvenient to wipe off because tiny water droplets cannot be repelled and adhered, water droplets do not stick to the hydrophilic coated surface at all. Just spray water onto the surface and let it dry naturally.
  • [ANTI STAIN] Prevent and remove hard-water stains, soap scum, calcium, and mineral deposit buildup
  • [LONG LASTING COAT] The durability of 1-time coating on shower doors and mirrors is from 1 to 3 months, depending on the status of the surface such as cleanliness. Tiles, faucets, etc. have relatively short coating durability.
  • [NANO-COATING SHIELD] Ceramic nano coatings block the microscopic pores of the glass. Considering the imperfect coating film caused by manual work, as the number of coating applications increases, a seamless ceramic coating film is formed, which further improves the coating durability
  • [VERY EASY APPLY]: Dispense, wipe with enclosed microfiber, and wait for 1min.
  • 10in2 (=25.4cm2) coating needs 1 drop(0.25cc). For a 70ft2 shower door, you can coat it for 4 times with 3.38fl.oz. / 100ml
  • 100ml/3.38fl.oz.
  • Microfiber as an applicator enclosed