History of Nanoecoway


  • Nanoecoway Inc. was established


  • Acquired patent
  • Developed nanocoatings for solar cell module with anti-reflection function and anti-pollution function
  • Developed super-hydrophilic inorganic coatings that enhance light permeability
  • Won first place at a startup contest in Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Selected for Startup Growth Development Business Project 2015 of Small and Medium Business Administration


  • Selected for Industry, Academia, and Research - cooperation technology Development Business of Small and Medium Businesses
  • Administration Selected for Start-up Customized Commercialization Support Project of Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development


  • Launched bathroom coatings, anti-fog for bathrooms, cars, and helmets, and water-insoluble anti-fog liquids for swimming glasses
  • Supplied anti-static and high-transmission AR films for the manufacture of Samsung Galaxy S8 camera modules
  • Concluded a contract to supply anti-fog products for 2017 Bike Mart Inc., a motorcycle goods company
  • Selected for T2B Trial Product Production and Performance Verification Business Project of
  • Selected for Startup Package Project of Korea Institute Nano Technology Research Association of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development


  • Selected for Startup Growth Development Business Project 2018 of Small and Medium Business Administration 
  • Supplied bathroom anti-scale coatings for Blank Corporation


  • Supplied Anti-Fog Glasses Cloths to optical shops in Korea
  • Founded the first Anti-Fog Glasses Cloth factory (50,000 pieces per month)
  • Developed ultra-transparent optical films for UDC (Under Display Camera) of smartphones


  • Supplied VIEW OK's Anti-Fog Glasses Cloths to pharmacies and Shilla Duty-Free Shop in Seoul 
  • Started to sell products on online shopping stores such as Amazon in the USA, Q10 in Japan, and Gomi Store in Vietnam 
  • Achieved 3 billion KRW worth of Anti-Fog Glasses Cloth sales to countries like France, Spain, Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, China, Brazil, etc. 
  • Expanded the production facility of the first Anti-Fog Glasses Cloth factory (producing 1,500,000 pieces per month)