• 💎 [Mild Formula] : Grain-originated Fermented Ethanol contained(under 10% amount, do not contain industrial grade ethanol or strong isopropyl alcohol), Ammonia-Free, Less skin irritation and alcohol smell.
  • 💎 [Fast & Easy] : Mild but High-performing formula makes it fast and easy to clean lens. Only a few wiping is needed. No residue and streak. Quick drying.
  • 💎 [Safe on AR lens] :  AR(anti-reflective) coating is nanoscale ultra thin layer. In the case of AR coating with weak alcohol resistance, the coating film is often flaked off. However our mild formula can safely clean any lens including AR lens surface without flaked–off
  • 💎 [Perfect Sealing] No sealing defect that moisture evaporates
  • [Multiple Purpose] : Prescription eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Sports glasses, Smartphone, Notebook display, Camera lens and more
  • Cleaner Size : 6.0in x 3.3in / 15.3cm x 8.3cm
  • 60 / 200 packs in paper box