VIEW OK Anti-Fog Car Defogger for Automotive Interior Glass / Highly Durable at least for 1 month / Enclosed applicator for large area coat / Multi-purpose including Bathroom mirror, Helmet, Outdoor sports Goggle

  • [EXCELLENT DURABILITY] Up to 20% of silica-based super-hydrophilic materials maximize anti-fog durability. Our in-house test shows the following results: For cars, the anti-fog function lasts for 3~6 months from spring to fall and 1 month in winter. (Results may vary depending on the number of occupants and vehicle size.). For the highly humid bathroom, it lasts for 2~4 weeks. 
  • [EASY TO COAT ON SLOPPED AND LARGE GLASS]] It is inconvenient to apply the anti-fog solution to the inside glass of a car that is sloped and large. However, the application will be much easier when using an enclosed thick microfiber providing a good grip when folded
  • [MINIMIZE DIFFUSE REFLECTION BY LIGHT] Anti-fog coated glass sometimes makes driving at night inconvenient due to diffuse reflection by light. A major reason is an unevenness due to manual coating. The high-quality, lint-free microfiber will help to form a uniform coating and to provide a transparent view
  • [MULTI PURPOSE]: Car interior glass, Bathroom mirror, Helmet, Outdoor sports goggles.
  • 0.12cc per 1 spray / 10 times use for 3m2 glass(small car), 5 times use for 6m2 glass(SUV)
  • 100ml / 3.38fl.oz.
  • Big size microfiber as an applicator enclosed(11.8in x 11.8in / 30cm x 30cm)