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About VIEW OK trademark

The VIEW OK trademark is owned by Nanoecoway Co., Ltd., which makes nano-fusion materials. The sales firm is based in Tennessee, USA, although the company's headquarters and factory are in Korea.

We have been engaged in a variety of projects since 2014. We now have many chemical-based products for personal care, such as ones for your glasses and sports goggles, home, and car. Because of its superior quality and efficacy, our anti-fog is sold in more than ten countries. The hydrophilic and water-repellent coatings we've recently made and put on the market not only work better, but they also let us solve a common customer complaint. We are now expanding into the North American market. We want customers in this market to trust us just as much as they do in Asia and Europe.

At the company's start, making new solar and electronic materials was the most important thing. In the past few years, our company has moved into the field of life-care chemicals. We did this because our knowledge of making high-performing materials in those industries allows us to create solutions beyond what is possible with life-care products.

Our slogan is "MORE THAN EXPECTED." When we make a new product, we do better than our customers expect in terms of performance and quality. Our goal is to provide our clients with a fantastic experience and simplify their lives via these helpful items.


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